After a very long time of almost only theoretical preparation for our big trip to Asia it was finally the time to start testing the gear, clothes and all we had collected so far …

What we really wanted and what we really needed was to escape from the cold and grey winter, get some sun and energy and finally get around, travel! A little bit of brainstorming, studying some maps and soon we made the decision: Canary Islands! Why not!

Fully loaded with our main equipment – unfortunately without the bicycles which we could not take with us, because of some parts still missing – we arrived on Fuerteventura and had the plan to explore the islands by foot, public transport, hitchhiking and by our own boats (inflatable packrafts) … We needed only 3 days to realise that travelling without two wheels is not made for us! But where to get two bicycles which would be strong enough to discover at least four islands with all its landscape variety from mountainous to stony and sandy roads? We visited different bike rental spots and instead of renting the bicycles for a period of six weeks we have decided to buy them and sell again at the end of our trip. After some research we found to second hand bikes that seemed to cope with harsh conditions and yet were relatively cheap.

Two very happy bicycle owners started to change, modify and tune some parts to be able to go around the islands like nomads, with everything we had on the bikes. Travelling light, was one important aspect and various heavy, thick and unnecessary items (in total around 5 kg !) had been packed together and sent back to my parents in Germany.

Getting the bicycles was the best decision we could make! We were more independent, could decide by our own where and when to go and where to stop; have a break whenever we needed one, the possibility to pull up and admire the view, the nature and the people and finally get forward using our own muscle power! It was not always easy, as in the first two weeks a very strong head wind was blowing and it was almost impossible to move. But the peoples mind has some nice and tricky ability – all the struggle and effort of your legs, arms and lungs when going uphill is pretty much forgotten when cycling at full speed all the way down on the beautiful roads with hundreds of curves, the Canarian landscape around, a light breeze on the face while smiling and shouting „Ayayayay!“

We spent almost every day on our bicycles and got to know the life from the saddle perspective. It is definitely the best and most challenging although paddling from time to time, being on the water can be a nice alternative offering your legs some relax :)

As some people say, one photo is worth more than a thousand of words, so please, have a look at what happened on the Canary Islands!