Lao PDR (Lao People’s Democratic Republic) is quite often interpreted as Lao Please Don’t Rush. We took it seriously. We were working hard not to rush. And we succeeded. It is a perfect place to take it easy. Laos is a country, where time slows down (what would Einstein say?) and life goes on its own rhythm.

Bamboo village - Laos

Bamboo houses and happy people, this is Laos!

Cycling monks

Cementery - Laos

Ania filtering the water


Jungle road - Laos

Police station - Laos

Laotian petrol station

Women and children carrying firewood

Perfect spot for lunchtime

Papaya time

Butterfly on Petzl Meteor III

Mystical landscape - Laos

Spiders hard work

From Luang Prabang we cycled to Vang Vieng – a small town full of tourists. Not a very “Lao” place, rather a playgrounf for spoiled whiteys (both meanings).

Baloon above Vang Vieng

Most people that called themselves “backpackers” spend there at least one week, trying to be a “cool traveller”, ending up getting drunk or worse every night and watching TV shows (like “South Park” or “Friends”) all day long. Imagine: you travel so far, you get to Laos – a beautiful place and all you want to do is to watch TV and if you are more “adventurous”, you go down the river on a truck inner tube. Comment yourself.

Vang Vieng tourism