We entered Vietnam when people where just about to start celebrating the New Year. People spend this one week of festivity together with their relatives and close friends. It is the time when they meet to eat and drink, dance and sing karaoke and we were just right in the middle of all this!

This meant for us: cycling through almost empty cities with closed shops, listening to voices trying to imitate different singers and unfortunately being confronted with quite a lot of drunk drivers, causing some dangerous situations on the road. On the other hand many friendly people invited us to share a meal with them, have some beers and drink some shots of vodka for the New Year.

Celebrating Vietnamese New Year

Bamboo pole dance

Holding the Vietnamese flag

Happy New Vietnamese Year

Vietnamese boy

Vietnamese children

After a very intense week during the celebrations of the New Year, finally the every day life was back and also the new rice planting season has started.

On the way to the ricefieldsWhile crossing Vietnam we could witness some traditional ways of living. Sometimes we had the feeling, that the time stopped there.

Boats waiting for the tourists

Vietnamese woman in Tam Coc

This is how a main road in Vietnam normally looks like, with more motorcycles than space to drive:

A lot of motorcycles in Vietnam

In Hanoi we were hosted by An and his family and spent a nice time with them, enjoying Vietnamese cuisine and some beers while sharing travelling stories…

Dinner in Hanoi with An and his family

Vietnamese people are very curious and camping almost always includes some guests early in the morning, watching us how we pack our tent and the rest of our staff, how we eat breakfast or apply sunscreen…

Anna with the ricefield women

Vietnamese woman on the ricefield

Local bicycles - Vietnam

And once again it happened that we could cycle with our friends Anna and Wieger as well as with Tim from England whom we have met in Laos before.

Cyclists having a rest

Sightseeing in Hoi An

People in Vietnam try to cover most parts of their bodies to protect themselves from the heat and the burning sun. Among the headdresses the conical hat is definitely the most popular one. As we like to buy traditional items, we are now carrying two of these Vietnamese conical hats with us, this makes already quite a big collection – they are now travelling on our racks with five other hats from China.

Selling rice pancakes

Vietnamese women

Wearing traditional Vietnamese hat

Vietnam reminded us of one of the essence of travelling: the most amazing things are waiting for you on the smallest roads possible, in the least expected place.

Bull carriage

Bull carriage 1

Burning grass

People in Vietnam are definitely masters in finding solutions how to carry big things on small vehicles…

Heavy loaded Vietnamese driver

We saw a lot of fancy dressed women in Vietnam – especially the older ones – wearing elegant clothes and jewellery and of course the conical hat…

Vietnamese lady

Vietnamese woman

This is how a relaxed fishing day can looks like (next to the railway) :

Caught fishing