The most popular Hindu temple outside of India is situated just 13 kilometres North of Kuala Lumpur. Batu Caves, a shrine built into a limestone cave is dedicated to the god of war – Kartikeya. The gigantic statue of Lord Murugan (other name of the god) guards the shrine and overlooks the panorama of the capital of Malaysia.

Batu Caves-7

Batu Caves-5

To visit the shrine, we had to leave our bikes on the bottom of the hill and climb 272 steps of extremely steep stairs.

Batu Caves Stairs

Batu Caves-4

The area of Batu Caves is occupied by hordes of monkeys, that use to beg the visitors for food.

Batu Caves Hindu

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Religious statues of various goddesses, gods and deities are all over the place.

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The inside of the cave is lighten by an opening in the “ceiling”.

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Wonderful place, worth a visit!

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