Singapore. You can not cycle any further South – that is as far as you can get in South East Asia without taking a ferry. We have heard a lot of stories about this young but well developed country. We felt great crossing the border between Malaysia and Singapore – just like entering into another universe. Everything was sparkling clean, skyscrapers dominating the landscape and the traffic became more predictable. We felt almost as if we came back to Europe!

Art Science Museum and Raffles Place

Siesta in Singapore

The Pinnacle@Duxton

Singapore is famous for its fascinating, modern architecture. Some of the buildings are technical marvels!

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands by night

Singapore by night

Nightview Singapore

Merlion by night

Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum

Raffles Place

There are not that many old buildings left in Singapore, but luckily the ones that remained are quite well preserved.Chijmes

Clarke Quay Singapore

Central Fire Station Singapore

Parkview Square Singapore

Gardens By The Bay Flower Dome

Gardens by the Bay is a modern botanical garden, a famous destination for many Singaporean families and tourists. The artificial trees are like from a sci-fi movie!
Supertrees Singapore

Singapore Gardens By The Bay

On the way to Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay

Giant Baby Sculpture Planet by Marc Quinn


Despite all those glass and steel, some parts of Singapore still remain intact. It is a nice mix of old and new.
Free running chickens Singapore

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple Singapore

Streets of Singapore

Masjid Sultan Singapore

Singapore, just like Malaysia, is a home to many ethnic groups.Singaporean Sign

Singapore Jungle

One of the nice things about Singapore is the presence of many green areas. Singaporean Wildlife

Spiky tree

During the first days of our stay, we experienced extreme heat (with very high humidity) worsened by the haze from burning the forests in Sumatra.
Singapore Haze

Haze in Singapore

Singapore definitely has it’s charm. Some pearls are not easy to find, but exploring the city was a never ending adventure.Parsonage at Armenian Church Singapore

Old Hill Street Police Station Singapore

Mohamed Sultan Rd Singapore

Mohamed Sultan Rd Singapore Detail

Kim Yam Road Singapore

Old Bench Singapore

Airconditioning Singapore

Singapore Beach

Kids Jumping in the Singapore River Statue

Singaporean Siesta

Singapore attracts migrant workers from neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as Bangladesh, Myanmar and India. Low-paid laborers contrast with rich locals, whose main hobby is spending many in the countless shopping centers.
Indoor River Marina Bay Sands Shopping

The land on the island is very expensive, so Singaporeans have to make the most out of it. The farms are quite often hydroponic and the residential buildings often more than 20 floors high.Indoor Farm

Gorgonzola Saddle

Extreme humidity and heat makes it hard to enjoy spending time outside. Our bikes got rusty and mold grew on every part of our bike that was edible. Oh Singapore, you could be such a nice place, but why are you so hot?In the mirror