Utah! Famous of its spectacular landscapes and rock formations, stunning national parks and the majority of its population being Mormon, was the third state we visited in the US.

Yes, it was dry and almost as hot as Nevada. But in Utah at least we could find shadow to hide during the hottest hours.

We were happy to finally see some cacti. Contrary to what you might think, they were of no threat to our tires. Some other plants unfortunately were – meet the goatheads:

Those nasty little spikes litter the roads of Utah. The thorns of the little nutlets are short but very sharp and hard to break. They wait quietly and well camouflaged for the cyclists, to strike in the least expected moment. They often attack in hordes, and even the thickest Schwalbe Marathon touring tires can’t stop them. The only way to prevent the goathead punctures is to add sealant to your tubes, or simply go tubeless.

We welcomed the ever-changing, colorful rock formations of Utah with a huge smile – after days spent in rather flat Nevada, our tired slash bored brains needed some stimuli. 

We were also welcomed very warmly by the inhabitants of Utah, both the cute ones:

…and those slightly less appealing:

The state turned out to be scattered with breathtaking landscapes. We purchased an annual pass to all american national parks, so that we could visit as many as possible on our route through the country.

In Utah we could experience a bit of an alternative lifestyle of its inhabitants. The locals turned out to be very hospitable, we had some of our best experiences with the Warm Showers Community there. How cool is this, living in a yurt for over 20 years, raising two kids and growing your own vegetables!

We cycled through the state much slower then we planned – there way more places to stop and take a picture than we thought!

In our next posts, we will focus more on particular places, national parks we visited and our adventures.