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One of the biggest dreams of every cyclist who wandered into Central Asia is to cross the Pamir Highway – one of the highest mountain roads on the continent. Unfortunately due to the shooting in this area that took place in July 2012 the access to this region was restricted and our dream was not […]Continue Reading


Some photos from a short hike in Tajik National Park with fellow cyclists: Tim and Claire from Belgium.    Continue Reading


We arrived to Uzbekistan quite tired – 5 days on the desert of Turkmenistan sucked all energy out of us and we needed a proper rest. In the first Uzbek village we found a restaurant, where we just wanted to drink some tea before going to bed. It quickly turned out, that spending a quiet […]Continue Reading


Another great city of Uzbekistan for you – Samarkand! We cycled arount the city without our luggage for the first time – strange feeling! So easy to go up the hill! The summer was at its peak when we arrived to Samarkand. The biggest note of Uzbek money is 1000 Soms – equals around 50 […]Continue Reading


There you go: long promised photos from Bukhara – our first city in Uzbekistan!Continue Reading