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During our stay in China we were really looking forward to cycle through Yunnan and once again enjoy riding our bikes in a mountainous region, as it was already a long time ago since we have been in the mountains of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. We have already cycled a lot in different types of mountains […]Continue Reading


The more we cycled West, the rougher it became. Roads, people, landscape, food. We had a lot to cycle to the border to Laos, so we pushed really hard, trying to make at least 90km every day. As always we used our smartphone for navigation, but it quickly turned out that Google did not catch […]Continue Reading


After almost one month of not riding our bikes while staying in Hong Kong and Macau, we decided to get fit again and to cycle as much as we can during our second 30 days stay in China. This time we wanted to explore the provinces Guangdong and Guangxi before going further West to Yunnan. […]Continue Reading


From Macau we went straight to Kaiping. The surrounding villages are famous for their very unusual buildings called Diaolou. They look like towers and are a strange mix of different European architecture styles with a Chinese influence. Most of them were built at the beginning of the 20th century by Chinese emigrants that got wealthy […]Continue Reading


Our days in Hong Kong had passed much quicker than we thought, but instead of going back to China we decided to check one more Special Administration Region – Macau. Much smaller than Hong Kong, this former Portuguese colony welcomed us with fabulous narrow streets just like in Porto or Lisbon, great coffee shops and […]Continue Reading