There you go: long promised photos from Bukhara – our first city in Uzbekistan!Continue Reading


Instead of spending one month in Iran as we planned before, we stayed there seven weeks. After such a long time we got used to the Iranian people and their behaviour, to the landscape and architecture, to the rules and the everyday life. The sound of Persian did not seem strange any more. Still it […]Continue Reading


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Some weeks ago we have got contacted by ExplorersWeb – one of the biggest expedition portals on the web. They asked us for an interview, and when Tina sent us the questions, we were in! It was a pleasure to explain to the world what and why we are doing what we are doing! For […]Continue Reading


We fixed all our visas in Tehran. We saw quite a lot of Iran without our bikes and it was time to cycle back again! To save some time, we decided to take a bus from Tehran to Mashhad (a city close to the Turkmen border). But we did not want to leave Iran without […]Continue Reading

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