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We have only spent a day in Oodnadatta – bought a large portion of potato chips, restocked on pasta and pesto, filled our bottles with rainwater we found in a tank hidden behind a former train station and went back into the desert. Our old Schwalbe Mondial tires were on their last breath in Australia […]Continue Reading


Just a bunch of pictures from our ride south to Alice Springs. Any reason to celebrate is good – 30000 kilometers cycled! Hot, translucent river – Bitter Springs: What a great start to the day: A sign 320 kilometers away from the premise? 500 kilometers without fuel. That is like the length of Belgium and the […]Continue Reading


3 years in Asia. Is that long? Certainly enough time to get used to crazy traffic, noise, pollution and the constant presence of other human beings but also low prices allowing us to lead our life in a relative comfort. After 4 days of washing and packing our bikes, we were ready to fly. But what […]Continue Reading


Where lies the border between “impossible” and “crazy difficult”? Where is the point, where one should start thinking about surrendering and say – “it is too much for me”? Before and during our journey, we had a lot of adventures – most of them being rather “under control” and relatively well planned. Even though some […]Continue Reading