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All right, to catch up a bit, we decided to just dump all of the pictures from Utah here. Oh Utah, you are truly incredible!  Continue Reading


Slowly, at our own pace, we were cycling east, through the dry state of Utah. Surrounded by a landscape that could be easily taken as the set for a science fiction movie, we started to quite  like the daily routines. The unbearable heat of the day forced us to get up early in the morning. We […]Continue Reading


Utah! Famous of its spectacular landscapes and rock formations, stunning national parks and the majority of its population being Mormon, was the third state we visited in the US. Yes, it was dry and almost as hot as Nevada. But in Utah at least we could find shadow to hide during the hottest hours. We […]Continue Reading


We tried finding small gravel roads in Nevada, but due to a very sparse population, military bases hidden between long mountain ranges and natural reserves, we were forced to stick to the paved ones. Long, hot and straight, bitumen roads. The traffic on some roads was almost non existing, so we had them all to […]Continue Reading


We said “goodbye” to the sunny state of California and were welcomed by an even sunnier and dryer Nevada. Famous for its empty, open space, lack of vegetation, gambling capital Las Vegas and hidden military bases, the state of Nevada sounded to us like a place worth visiting. We like deserts – their cleanness, lack […]Continue Reading