One of the biggest dreams of every cyclist who wandered into Central Asia is to cross the Pamir Highway – one of the highest mountain roads on the continent. Unfortunately due to the shooting in this area that took place in July 2012 the access to this region was restricted and our dream was not fulfilled. Not giving up easily we decided to try anyway and headed towards the Pamirs.

On our way to the Pamirs we have met a Belgian couple – optimistic as us and together we wanted to give a try to cycle the highway.

We enjoyed traditional Belgian dishes, cooked on our stoves ;)

Touring in Tajikistan is nice, but also very difficult because of the rough roads and steep hills to climb.

As we were afraid the whole region was closed for the foreigners and after three days of waiting near one of the checkpoints we decided to give up. Nevertheless we had a good time cycling in Tajikistan, mainly because of the fantastic nature and warm hearted citizens of this mountainous country.

This is a local gas station in one of the cities on the road to the border with Kyrgyzstan (although 96 is almost never available):

Since we arrived to Central Asia we eat watermelons almost every day – they are a great source of water and taste delicious! And, as you can see, we are not the only amateurs of them!