Dear All!

The time to start this web page has come. was created to help our friends, relatives and all curious strangers to follow our life. However the main purpose of this blog’s existence is to narrate our epic bicycle journey from Europe to Asia that is just about to begin. This space will be our diary and a platform to tell about our adventures, ideas/inventions and methods of coping with living together on the road.

The idea to start this journey is not new; for the last two years we have been doing everything to fulfil our dream, and most of the readers should know about it ;)

To be able to achieve what we want, we both had to work hard and learn a lot. We have spent long hours reading gear reviews, blogs, books, discussing with like-minded people and saving up founds to get prepared. It took us much more than we thought at the beginning, we were supposed to start a long time ago! We know that there is a lot of people that would like us to go, and we want to go even more! However we deeply feel that by trimming our collection of gadgets and making our bikes more life-proof we will enjoy travelling even more.

In fact for us this journey has started while we have made the decision. We treat it as a project, a long lasting one.

For the last two years we have been living in Oslo, where we had perfect conditions to both earn good money and make ourselves more familiar with outdoor life. We managed to see quite a lot of Norway – a country that is definitely one of the most beautiful in Europe. We have gained more confidence in our camping and hiking skills and tried some new methods of exploring the wilderness – like packrafting. Since Norwegians love spending time in the nature and pay a lot of attention to the right equipment, we were able to easily complete our gear list with some of the best stuff you can get.

Getting nowhere – might be understood as a failure in getting where we are suppose to get. For us it expresses the state of being on the road without too many plans and goals. We are going somewhere, but we are not making too much efforts to get there. To go means more to us than to get.

We believe that by no time pressure, an open mind, right knowledge and reliable equipment we would be able to achieve maximum freedom and independence plus get the experience impossible to get from any other source. We are getting closer to departure and we know that the time will show if we were right.

We would like to spend this time as active as we can and hope that you will enjoy it with us! Feel invited to be a part of!


Ania and Mat