Turkey welcomed us in a very kind manner. From the first pedal strokes we felt like being back on the track. We did not feel that we start something new – we felt more like continuing our previous outdoor adventures. Great to be free again!

We needed first couple of days to adjust our bikes to our bodies and our bodies to our bikes. We haven’t been cycling for a while (preparation for the journey drained most of our energy out of us) so going up the steep Turkish hills was definitely not easy. The good thing is, that with every kilometre our muscles get stronger and stronger, so we hope to get in shape soon.

In the hard times we get support from the local people, greeting us and giving us refreshing Turkish tea. So far the landscape is not much different than we know from home. The further we go to the East the more it will change, so we just have to wait.

On every step we are being welcomed by amazing Turkish people! People smile and wave at us and are really happy that at least we try to learn some Turkish. Since we only know a couple of words in Turkish we very often back ourselves up with a handy picture dictionary (Thanks Ola and Birga!).

We have already drunk around a hundred cups of Turkish tea and got invited by a local family. It was so good to be hosted by such a friendly souls. We tried some Turkish food and ate organic vegetables from their garden. Since we don’t eat meat we were a bit worried that it might be a problem for them, but it turned out, that this is nothing unusual here in Turkey. What a nice surprise!

Cutting it short – Turkey is great and it is fantastic to be finally on the road!