One morning after cycling a few kilometres the surrounding landscape changed, the air got much colder and it didn’t smell like spring any more. Far away at the horizon we could see this amazing peak covered with snow. It was a great feeling to cycle in a new conditions – what a refreshment! Turkish interior is not much exciting – everywhere we go we saw green fields, tractors and livestock. Boring.

Luckily the Turkish interior is inhabited by very hospitable people, so we could focus more on social issues. Again – wherever we went we were invited for a cup of tea (we are used to it already) and a short conversation in body language.

Once on a very rainy day we were invited by Ali and his family and spent a night at their place – what a pleasure to sleep in a clean bed and eat fantastic home made food!

The strangest place we slept so far was a mayor’s office in a small village. After we arrived, as usual we went to the local shop. A few minutes later half of the male population gathered to decide where we should spend a night. We wanted to put our tent up on a field outside of the village, but they insisted that we stay in the village, so the most logical place to put a couple of nomads was an office of the most important person out there. On top of that, we had a free dinner at the local bar plus a breakfast the next morning. Not bad at all!

We almost doubled our daily distance, now making around 90 km a day and we scored our first 1000 kilometres!