As you know from our previous post, we liked the city of Yazd quite a lot. It did not take us much to decide to take a bus to Kashan, where as we learned, we could experience a similar, laid back atmosphere. It was a hit! Not only there was much less noise than in Tehran, but also people seemed much more friendly and welcoming. We stayed 2 nights in a traditional guest house, one of many in Kashan but quite unique for Iran.

We had enough time to walk around the city and simply DO NOTHING. Or work out a bit.

We took advantage of being on a dry desert and used solar energy to warm up our previously cooked meal. After half an hour the food was steaming hot and delicious!

The architecture of Kashan turned out to be absolutely stunning! On top of that we had the feeling of being the only tourists there, with all these beautiful buildings left there just for us!

From Kashan we went to Abyaneh, a little village in the mountains. Typical for Abyaneh are red clay buildings with fragile balconies and old ladies wearing traditional clothes, that are quite different from black, Iranian chadors and hijabs.