From Macau we went straight to Kaiping. The surrounding villages are famous for their very unusual buildings called Diaolou. They look like towers and are a strange mix of different European architecture styles with a Chinese influence. Most of them were built at the beginning of the 20th century by Chinese emigrants that got wealthy in the USA and South East Asia. They needed a special type of residences, that could both express their wealth and protect them and their families from local bandits.

Diaolou Kaiping

Kaiping Diaolou

Zili Cun towers

Almost 2000 of those amazing structures remained until today and they really impressed us! The watchtowers around Kaiping are on the UNESCO heritage list. We were very happy that we could see them and even see the interior of some of them.

View on the Zili towers

Zili Diaolou

Around Kaiping

Buildings by the water

Zili architecture

Bamboo tags

What we really liked is the fact, that people still live around the towers, plough their fields, raise their children. And some of the best buildings are out of the beaten track, so we took our chance and went exploring.

Watering fields

Ricefield reflection


Working on the field

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