Finally! Koh Tao! An Island famous of DIVING! We decided to swap bikes for scubas and got locked in a classroom for a couple of days to become divers. In the classroom - Koh TaoAfter the theory we went for a shallow water training… Loading the boat - Koh Tao

Mat getting ready for his dive

Mat and Ania preparing for their dive

…and under a supervision of our diving instructor Chris…DCIM100GOPRO

…tried breathing under the water for the first time.Divers - Koh Tao


Mat doing his underwater exercises

It was a strange feeling at the first time, but we felt quite comfortable after a short moment of anxiety.

Ania using the GoPro underwater

We even tried some tricks!Mat having fun underwater

Diving exercises

The underwater world of Koh Tao turned out to be mesmerising. The number of fish and corals overwhelmed us.Underwater life - Koh Tao

Koh Tao coral

A lot of fish - Koh Tao

Mat exploring the underwater life

Swimming through  Barrel coral - Koh Tao

Stunning, huh?Fish around Koh Tao

Fish swimming towards the surface

Little fish around Koh Tao

We went over 18 meters deep, it is like a 6 story building if you think about it!DCIM100GOPRO




Koh Tao was definitely a great place not only to dive, but also to just relax on the beach and enjoy the Tropics.DCIM100GOPRO

Sunset on Koh Tao

We also used our packrafts and went for numerous short trips around the Island.Mat and our packrafts

Mat preparing the packrafts

Mat inflating the packrafts



Ania packrafting around Koh Tao

And snorkelled, of course!DCIM100GOPRO





That is it! We hope we will be back under the water as soon as possible!Evening on Koh Tao