During our stay in Kaza (Spiti valley) we went for a short trip and visited a small village called Kibber. It used to be the highest village with a paved  road (questionable) and electricity some years ago (now there are other villages somewhere in Tibet with those luxuries). Anyway – we found Kibber to be a truly magical place, with original buildings and “real” people. Have a look!



Ania in Kibber

Ania and a local woman in Kibber

Children in Kibber

Portrait of children in Kibber

Kibber children

Mat in Kibber

Kibber houses

Prayer room in Kibber

Tasi delek

On our way back we paid a visit to an ancient monastery in Kye.

Monastery - Kye

Ania going to Kye

Buddha on a stone  Monastery in Kye

…where monks played cricket. Why not?

Monks playing cricket

Kye monastery