Our Thai friends – Parn and Neemo, run an amazing place in the heart of Bangkok – Granny bike and bed. The place where cyclists from all over the world can rest and bulk up before their next adventure, fix their bike or just hang around and relax. Parn is an enthusiast of cargo bikes and a proud owner of some of the most clever utility bikes we have ever seen. Neemo is a creative and helpful soul, who knows everything about Bangkok and is always happy to share some tips.

We promised to give a presentation of our journey to a local group of cyclists and wannabe-cycle-tourers, and Parn, Neemo and their friends helped us a lot to get the things prepared.

 bangkok presentation-18

bangkok presentation-1

bangkok presentation-3

The event was supposed to be just a small speech, but ended up as an event sponsored by a local distributor of Ortlieb, Tubus (K-Trade International) and Bok Bok Bike – definitely the best shop in Asia for any cycling traveller in need of service or new equipment. Thanks to their generosity our guests could enjoy amazing food while listening to our stories.

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We talked for 2 hours and it turned out pretty good. The audience had a lot of questions and we had the impression, that they really listened to us.

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We had a great time, feeling like celebrities for a short moment. We had inspired some of the people to dream big, and this really counts!

bangkok presentation-14

Thanks Neemo and Parn, we will see you again ;)

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