You might have heard of the mythical king of fruits – durian. This huge, spiky, South East Asian fruit is famous for its pungent smell, that is best described as a mix of sweet onion and trash container. It is regarded a delicacy in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and has a lot of fans among the tourists as well.Malaysia-14

It would be so easy, if durians grow on bushes, like pumpkins or watermelons. They grow on the trees, quite big trees in fact. Considering the weight of the fruit and the height of the tree, it is easy to understand, why people are afraid of walking under these spiky bombs.


While cycling in South East Asia we had a chance to try durians and we must say – we felt in love with them!


We were very lucky in Malaysia – it was the peak of durian season. This delicious fruit was sold absolutely everywhere!



There were days, when we had 6-7 durians each throughout the day. Rich in carbohydrates, durians are a perfect snack for hungry cyclists.

Durian snack

After a while we learnt how to  find the good ones. There are many different varieties of durians, and the price of the best ones (like Musang King) can be as much as 40 Euro per kilogram!


We tried to taste as many different kinds as possible. How could it be described? Well, it tastes like a delicate yoghurt or custard, sweet, creamy, a bit sparkly at times, with an aroma ranging from strawberries mixed with sweet onions to turpentine and mint. We absolutely loved the Musang King – some Durian sellers offered us one large fruit when they realized that we are true connoisseurs. We also liked  D24 (below) and ordinary Kampung (village) durians.



During our stay in Kuala Lumpur we could not miss the famous durian eat-until-you-burst stall. We ordered the more advanced option and ended up with 10 large durians! It was a bit too much for us, but we enjoyed it a lot!





Durian monument

We absolutely love durians! There is nothing like them on this planet!