We will remember Malaysia as a country of endless palm oil plantations, unbearable heat, busy roads and limited food options (Ramadan). A country, where we had our first serious experience of Asian hospitals (Dengue Fever).  A place of many religions and an interesting past…

Malaysia landscape

South of Malaysia

We had a great time cycling tiniest roads of the Malaysian country side. We tried camping a bit, but it was generally too hot. During the day the temperatures were so high, that we had to stop every 10 kilometres and pour icy cold water on our overheated bodies. At night, we could not sleep without a fan in front of our faces, so staying in a steamy tent was a nightmare.

Plantation camping

Hilleberg Malaysia

Malaysia jackfruit

We have tried as much local food as possible, but since we had bad luck of being in Malaysia during Ramadan – a month of fasting, we could only get a glimpse of tasty Malay food.

Coconut juice Malaysia

Chinese cementary

With Michael

Malaysia was the most hospitable country we visited in South East Asia. We got invited home couple of times and stayed with Warm Showers friends.

We had high expectations towards Kuala Lumpur, but it turned out to be a big and busy city with not that much of a charm as George Town or Malacca, or other Asian capitals.

Petronas Towers

Gettingnowhere Malaysia

Cycletouring Malaysia

Cycling around Petronas Towers was an amazing experience, though!

Cycling Malaysia

Giant riskshaw

Malaysia rickshaw

We cycled as far south as it was possible, we reached the tip of Asia. From there on we could only explore Asian islands. Singapore – our next destination – would offer us a lot of opportunities. At the time of leaving Malaysia, we had almost reached the bottom of our wallets, so some serious decisions had to be made. What happened in Singapore – you will learn soon!