Working in Singapore for a couple of months seemed like ages for us. As soon as we knew we would have enough savings to continue our trip, we quit our jobs and made new plans for the upcoming adventures.

We enjoyed some last evenings with great hawker center cuisine and some cold beers and finally had to say Goodbye to our Singaporean friends, our stable lives and mainland Asia…

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… It was time for a new country, time for travelling, time for being on the road again. We hopped on a ferry and after less than an hour arrived on the small Indonesian island of Batam. We were welcomed and hosted by Dave, a local cyclist and his family. It was a perfect start for us. Dave introduced us to some tasty vegetarian food, good coffee and great desserts, he told us about the Indonesian cycling community and gave us useful advises on how and where to explore Indonesia by bike.

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After only one day we already had to leave Batam as we have only gotten a 30 days visa for this huge country with its thousands of islands. Some last group pictures later we were ready to board the boat to Java.

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We had decided to skip Sumatra, as we would simply need at least one additional month to cover it all by bicycle. Instead, we decided to take a “speed” ferry (only 28 hours), from Batam to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

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