The ride from Marree to Adelaide was strange. We missed the paved road so much after days spent in the Outback. But then, when we finally reached the first section of bitumen we re-discovered the boredom of riding long stretches on black tarmac.

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One thing that was positive (besides the drop in price of coffee in local roadhouses), was the presence of wildlife.

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Kangaroos and emus were absolutely everywhere!

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As well as the other, slightly less cute creatures.

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There was a part of the road, where we had to ride with our noses covered – the decaying bodies of emus and kangaroos were absolutely everywhere!

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We could still camp wherever we wanted, but finding an unfenced piece of land was getting harder and harder.

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The landscape started to change from barren desert to grass-and-bushes prairie.

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Then the grass was replaced by fields of wheat…

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…and we entered inhabited land, with towns, cars, people, churches…

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We definitely enjoyed the company of other people, the ability to buy food everywhere, the internet and rapid changes of surroundings.

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The only thing that was a bit unexpected was a sudden drop in temperature. We got used to camping with our tent wide open, sleeping without sleeping bags and pleasantly warm mornings. As soon as we entered the farmlands of South Australia, ferocious headwinds slowed us down so badly, that we were barely moving – we even had to struggle to reach 16km/h when going downhill!

The last kilometers before Adelaide – our temporary destination, the wind has changed it’s speed and direction. This time it was blowing right from behind, helping us to cover the last stretches of the road between the north and south of Australia. But wind was not the only element that decided to join us in our final push.

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Fire, being fed with constant flow of oxygen, started to jump from one field to another. We were chased by a huge cloud of smoke and barely managed to reach the outskirts of Adelaide before the police closed the roads.

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The next day we made a final push and reached the ocean on the other side of the continent! Pure joy!

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We cycled across Australia! What a ride!