During two and a half months of cycling in Australia we had only 8 non-cycling days, so the thing number one we planned to do after our arrival in New Zealand, was simple: rest. We have family in New Zealand (Mat’s uncle and aunt moved there from Poland in the 80’s), so straight from the airport we were taken to a cozy house in the middle of New Zealand’s lush-green farmlands.

Flying to New Zealand

We had already spent Christmas 2015 in New Zealand (we were based in Singapore at that time), so we knew that our folks will take good care of our ever-hungry bellies. We ended up spending almost an entire month soaking the sun rays and seeping kiwi beer in the garden, sleeping in a proper bed as long as we wanted and enjoying family life to the fullest.

north new zealand-5

From time to time, to not forget how it is like to sit on a saddle, we went for short trips, discovering hidden gems scattered around the area.

north new zealand-4

north new zealand-6

north new zealand-9

north new zealand-11

north new zealand-13

By the end of December we started to be a bit restless, and shortly after New Year we were ready to be back on the road. We headed towards the very north of New Zealand – Cape Reinga. Right after we left the area of Auckland, the roads became steep and we had to work hard to get back into shape after days of stuffing ourselves with Christmas leftovers.

north new zealand-14

north new zealand-15

north new zealand-16

We have ordered a new set of tires for our bikes, so that we could avoid the highways and stay on gravel roads as much as possible. The tires were much wider than our previous ones, and they allowed us to get to places which we could only dream about before.

north new zealand-18

Such as endless, sandy beaches.

north new zealand-17

north new zealand-19

north new zealand-20

We followed the East Coast on our way north, travelling on packed sand or finding our way through paddocks and forests.

north new zealand-21

With our bikes we could now travel in places, that are only available for hikers or horses.

north new zealand-23

north new zealand-24

north new zealand-25

north new zealand-26

north new zealand-27

north new zealand-28

north new zealand-29

Cycling on a beach with the roaring Pacific on our side was an amazing experience!

north new zealand-30

Beach Cycling New Zealand

Beach Cycling New Zealand 1

eel new zealand-33

north new zealand-34

We managed to cover quite some distance on sandy beaches, sometimes even riding in the water.

Cycling on the beach

north new zealand-36

Beach Cycling New Zealand 2

We could, for the first time, cycle with our eyes closed. Some sections were so wide, that we did not have to worry about anything and were guided only by the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. Accompanied by the ocean, with a breeze on our faces, we were cruising on the endless beaches, letting our thoughts fly…

Beach Cycling New Zealand 3