We rolled down from the mountains of Yosemite National Park into barren, vast plains, with some dry hills glimpsing far on the horizon. We decided to have a bit of a re-hydration brake on one of the gas stations, where we met our first fellow cyclist – GW from Alaska, who had been cycling across the US.

We saw a lake on our map. After a brief search on Google it turned out that it is well known for its lime formations – tufas. We decided to have a look, and slowly rolled towards it following quiet, gravel roads.

The Mono lake (as it is called) turned out to be a real gem!

With a very dry vegetation and almost no trees surrounding it, it looked really prehistoric.

There were some chimney-like lime structures scattered around on the shore of the lake. We had a chance to get really close and examine them.

They reminded us a lot of the termite mounds in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Some of those fascinating lime structures were over 8 meters high!

We pedaled away from the lake, and after spending some time in a truly arid landscape, we were happy to see trees again.

The next day we started our ride towards our second American state – Nevada. The landscape started to change quite rapidly, with less and less trees grown on the sides of the road and after a while small, dull-green bushes dominated the area we cycling through. We were definitely entering the desert!