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3 years in Asia. Is that long? Certainly enough time to get used to crazy traffic, noise, pollution and the constant presence of other human beings but also low prices allowing us to lead our life in a relative comfort. After 4 days of washing and packing our bikes, we were ready to fly. But what […]Continue Reading


Here is Bali. An amazing island! Taking a ferry from Java: Bali is predominantly Hindu, with a mix of Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. Balinese wedding: Architecture on Bali is simply stunning! We sometimes had problems distinguishing private houses from temples!Continue Reading


Just a bit more pictures from Java, before we proceed to Bali:Continue Reading


Ijen. A sulfur mine on the top of a volcano on the East of Java. Men who excavate the sulfur from the crater have to carry baskets full of it that can be as heavy as 90kg! They make not more than 6 Euros a day…Continue Reading


Just a bunch of pictures from an amazing place in the middle of Java – Mount Bromo.Continue Reading