We had a hard time in Vientiane, the capital of Laos.  After a very long day of cycling we arrived there and had a lot of difficulties in finding a cheap place to sleep, so we left it after a couple of hours and camped. In the morning we visited the Buddha Park – a nice and small tourist destination not far away from Vientiane.

Buddha park from above

Buddha park

Buddha park near Vientiane

Sculptures in the Buddha park

Us in the Buddha park

Buddha park mouth

Cycling towards Vietnam was easy. We could enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Laos and watch people cultivating rice and celebrating life.

On the rice field in Laos


Mat cycling in Laos

Lao bamboo architecture

Jungle bridge

Lao girl cycling

For a good luck

Lao women

Colorful gate in Laos

While passing through one of the Laotian villages we got invited to a wedding! Both the guests and the couple were already quite in the party mood (with a  lot of help of Beer Lao), so it was easy for us to mingle them.

Lao marriage

We cycled a lot on very quiet roads, some along the Mekong river.

Mat cycling off road

Lao children returning from school


We had a good reason to be happy as well – we cycled 10000 kilometres during our journey! Not bad for 9 months, including one month of rest in Kazakhstan and one month of staying in Hong Kong and Macau. Don’t you think?

Celebrating our 10.000 km

10.000 km cycled!