To visit some local markets was as usual worth much more than any attraction suggested in a guide book…

good mix

spring onions

Very popular, not only on the markets but also inside the cities in local bars and restaurants, are these small rice pancakes, which are served or plain with some chilli sauce or filled with vegetables or meat. A good snack for the second breakfast, especially when eaten among the locals, sitting on tiny little chairs and smelling the fire…

rice pancakes

Lanterns from Hoi An:

colorful lanterns

We have already seen hairdresser or dentist stalls on some markets in Asia, on this one we also found a small pharmacy…

medicine on the market

A common method for transporting pigs on a motorbike or truck – looks really nasty!

pigs ready for transportation


red incenses

incenses production

Not a jackfruit, not a durian…

exotic fruit

The most colourful and exotic fish we have seen so far, we found on this lively market with a lot of very friendly, smiling people in a small village on the coast of Central Vietnam. Looking at this beautiful creatures we really felt that they are from a completely different world…

rainbow fish

seafood on the market

tropical fish

fish on the market

fish stand

On the markets and also in the restaurants we found this strange looking “cucumbers” which are in fact bitter melons and are also known for its medical use. We tried them in different dishes but the very strong and bitter taste could not convince us to have more…

bitter ones

During our trip we have tried a lot of different kinds of tea, the Turkish Cay but also some varieties of Green tea in China and in particular from the Yunnan province, we liked the most. In Vietnam we switched back to coffee, which has a very thick consistency and reminds more of cacao and is usually served with condensed milk and can be ordered hot or with ice. Due to the tropical weather we preferred the cold version as a nice refreshment and a source of energy.

Vietnam coffee with milk

Vietnam is also famous for its soy products, the tofu – steamed or fried – is one of the best we have ever tried. And the soy milk is a fantastic thirst quencher for cyclists!

delicious soy milk

Local markets. Adventure – guaranteed!