We made ourselves comfortable in Australia. After months on the road, with loads of adventures, it was time for a brake and proper rest, at least for a while. We decided that we should settle down in a big city, to feel how it is like to wake up in the same bed every day, have an easy access to wifi and good coffee in the morning, the possibility to meet new people and actually spend some time with them without saying goodbye the next day. Before our flight to New Zealand, we had the chance to spend some time in Melbourne and we really liked the city, so it was easy to choose a place, where we could slow down for a moment.

We rented a little house for 2 months (the owner went to the North of Australia for a volunteering project) and forgot about our adventurous life. For the first time in months, we did not have to pack our tent every morning, so we stayed long hours in bed, reading. We cooked delicious food on a proper stove that runs on gas and not on stinky petrol like the one we use while camping, had a shower whenever we wanted, and even signed up for a gym, to stay fit! City life at its best. We actually started to think about settling down in Australia, finishing our journey in Melbourne, renting a house for longer, finding a job…

And then, quite unexpectedly, we received an invitation to a wedding in Germany, and then one more in Poland. That changed everything. We had to decide what to do, how to continue our life, how and when to get to Europe. Not easy when you are on the opposite side of the planet!

It took us a while to figure out what would be the best option. We really wanted to attend the celebrations, but in between moving out from the rented house in Melbourne and the weddings we had 2 months to spare. We decided to go somewhere where we have not been yet, somewhere where we could experience the beauty of nature. After days of going through pros and cons of going back to Asia, while having a lovely dinner and a glass of wine, we decided to go to the USA!

To visit the country, we had to apply for the visas (not easy – we visited Iran in 2012 and therefore we had to apply for an expensive tourist visa) and after a crazy week of last minute flight reservations, waiting for our passports and questioning all our decisions – we were finally packed and ready to fly across the Pacific.


We landed in San Francisco, with a flight out of New York, with 8 weeks to spare. We had no fixed plans, we just wanted to see and experience as much as possible.

So there we were, in the US, the country we all seem to know so much about, with all its vastness and cultural diversity, pride, junk food, freedom, guns and wildlife. The country of Thomas Jefferson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Neil Armstrong, Michael Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. There is no other country that we had so many prejudices about (just think about it).

We decided to jump head first into our American adventure. With only a couple of weeks to explore, there was no time to waste!


After only some hours in San Francisco we realized, that a lot of the things we know from the Hollywood movies are actually the reality! We discovered ourselves staring at ordinary things, and constantly discovering new “typical American” features of the surrounding.



We enjoyed walking and riding on the streets of San Francisco. Spending first hours and days in a new country is always very special for us.




We loved the urban side of San Francisco!









San Francisco is famous for its super steep streets. We have never experienced such extreme grades in an urban area!





Cycling on the world steepest streets was extremely hard, and we could only do it on empty bikes, using our lowest gears, sweating like crazy. But we had a lot of fun going down!