After the stressful traffic and the often very loud and hyperactive people in Vietnam, we crossed the border with Cambodia and entered a calm world. The atmosphere and the Khmer people reminded us a lot of Laos. Being just happy to leave chaotic Vietnam behind, we started cycling the Eastern part of Cambodia observing people, nature and life…

Old Khmer man

For the first time we saw cashew nut plantations and as its yellow fruit looked very tasty, we had to try it. Mat also could not resist and licked the shell of the cashew nut, which made his tongue numb as it contains an allergenic substance, which we figured out later on. To get rid of this toxins and to be able to eat the seed – the cashew nut –  a roasting process is needed first.

Cashew tree

A young Khmer girl, a little bit scared of us and shy at the beginning, gave us a smile after we said a friendly “Hello”:

Khmer girl on motorbike

Already in China and Vietnam we have seen a lot of strange looking transportation systems, but this man and his vehicle, carrying several sleeping mattresses and a couple of glass shelves was by far the most extreme version of cargo:

Transporting mattresses

This sugar cane mills we could see everywhere, the sugar cane juice is served ice cold and very often mixed with pineapple. A much better thirst quencher than the usual western soft drink in the red can:

Cane sugar juice

In Cambodia the slash – and – burn technique in agriculture is still widespread, this method unfortunately has bad effects on the ecosystem:

Slash and burn in Cambodia

Some animals we met on our way through the Eastern part of the country:

White beauties

Gecko Cambodia

Banlung was the first Cambodian city for us:

Khmer boy at the roundabount

We enjoyed some self made sandwiches with very big and very delicious avocados from the local market:

Mat buying avocados

The meat stalls on the market where at least interesting motives to photograph or…

Food stall at night in Banlung

…to watch some crunchy bird snacks rotating above the fire:

Crunchy bird snack