The variety of landscapes in Vietnam is enormous, while cycling through this quite narrow but long country, we had the feeling of crossing three completely different countries. From rice fields surrounded by mountains, to white sandy beaches and deep jungles, everything possible to see during a one month stay in Vietnam.

Hard work on the ricefield

Landscape in Tam Coc

Vietnamese ricefields

Evening light

Vietnamese landscape

Ricefields in Tam Coc

Working hard on the ricefield

Ricefields in Vietnam

Working on the ricefields

No way out - ricefields everywhere

Cycling along the river in Tam Coc

A lot of tourists in Tam Coc

Vietnamese fishing boats


Small sand islands - Vietnam

Crossing a wooden brigde - Vietnam

Trying to cycle on a wooden bridge - Vietnam

Road sign in Vietnam

Truck accident


Vietnamese beach

Having a break at the beach

Fishing boats - Vietnam

Vietnamese house close to the beach

Small Vietnamese village close to the beach

Vietnamese road

Bridge in Hoi An

Temple in Vietnam

Guarding dog

Cementary in Vietnam

White cementary in Vietnam

Architecture in Vietnam

Anna cycling with a Vietnamese helmet

Anna in the jungle - Vietnam

Mat exploring the jungle

Cycling through a Vietnamese national park

Ant in the jungle

Vietnamese jungle