Travelling on the quiet roads of Cambodia was nice. Not only the relaxed traffic, but also the way of driving, made cycling through the country very enjoyable. The roads were of surprisingly good quality, and even though there was a lot of paved, 2 lanes almost-highways, we decided to take small, local ochre-red ones.

Smooth off road in Cambodia

Cycling next to huge palms in Cambodia

Three Cambodians on a motorbike

Water buffalos relaxing

The villages we cycled through made us aware of how poor Cambodia really is. In Laos the poverty is not as vivid, we could see that people can cope with that and keep a good style. In Cambodia sometimes we could not believe our eyes – it felt like Africa…

Two Cambodian girls

School in Cambodia

The places we passed by had no electricity and no running water; the box-fridges in the shops are filled up with ice every day to keep the drinks cold.

Mat getting some water for the dinner

Cambodian village

Bamboo house in Cambodia

House in Cambodia

Cambodian woman

This is the police station:

Police station in Cambodia

And this is how you tank (petrol):

Fuel station in Cambodia

Local markets. We love them (as you know), but in Cambodia they were the poorest and most unhygienic we have ever experienced:

Meat seller in the hammock

Selling meat from the hammock

Anna on a Cambodian market

A street stall with snails – fancy a snack?

Snail snack

Coconuts on a boat

Mat wearing his Vietnamese hat in Cambodia

The biggest problem of travelling around Cambodia are mines and unexploded bombs. We love to camp wild, but doing it in Cambodia is sometimes playing with death. Every here and there we saw red signs warning about mines. There are still parts of the country, where people are living just a dozen of steps from the minefields…

Attention sign for land mines