We have been cycling around Asia already for more than one year and it has been definitely great. Spending more than four months in the hottest possible period in the tropics, however, made us extremely tired of the heat and deprived of real travelling full of adventures. We came into a conclusion, that the best time of our trip was in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, high mountain countries, where we led a proper outdoor life sleeping in the tent, cooking our own food on a stove and climbing high passes.

Being sick of constant sweating, prickly heat and sun burns, and knowing of approaching monsoon season, we decided to pause our Thai part of the journey and escape to India. We heard a lot about amazing Ladakh on the North, where no rain falls in the summer time, where people are friendly and the peaks high.

We found a cheap flight from Bangkok to New Delhi (around 250 Euro per person including extra luggage – our bikes) just before the monsoon was suppose to begin and started to plan an Indian adventure.

As you probably already know, our front racks can be turned into a protective suitcase for our folding bikes. We got two perfect bicycle boxes from a local bike shop and after a whole day of packing, we managed to squeeze each bike into a box of a size of an ordinary suitcase. By doing so, we did not have to pay any additional costs at the airport!



We left some of our belongings at the Polish Embassy in Bangkok (Dziekujemy!) and packed only the most important things. All together, our luggage was:

21,3 kg – each bike in a cardboard box, with all the spares, mudguards and racks

10,8 and 10,9 – our backpacks that normally serve us as panniers, checked in as an additional luggage

7,7 and 7,5 kg for an on-board luggage – our Ortlieb panniers filled up with the rest of our stuff

at least 3 kg in our pockets, hip bags and on us (wearing 2 pairs of pants and and waterproof jackets during the boarding is not funny). We tried to pass through the control wearing our helmets and claiming that they are traditional head covers in our ethnic group, but somehow it did not work out. Luckily we still had some space left in our backpacks.

The result – we managed without paying any extra charges, we transported our bikes and all the necessary outdoor equipment to India!

At the airport

After 4 hours in a plane we were in a different world. Hotter even than Bangkok (but at least dry), full of smells, colours and sounds, new, exciting and overwhelming. Welcome to India!

In Delhi

It took us almost three days to get used to the new situation. After a while we realized, that India is just another Asian country on our way and there is nothing to worry about.

Gandhi 1

Three happy friends

Three friends


Streets of Delhi

Street signs


Rickshaw two

Rickshaw one

Potato sellers

New Delhi station

Mat and the tourists

Locals shopping

Krishna tile

Jesus tile

India Gate

Horn Please

Small temple

Fully loaded bike

Delhi bras

Charcoal sellers

Brass things



Bazooka graffitti

A dog

Sometimes maybe a bit odd…
Forbidden cargo

Delhi scams