Since there is not much going on on our website at the moment, we would like to present  a small gallery of the pictures taken on the way to and in the Zanskar Valley. We passed piles of “mani stones” – pieces of rock with mantras and deities carved in them everywhere we went. They are believed to bring good karma to a person that circumambulates  the pile (clockwise).

Mani stones 1

The piles are created by layering rocks and stones to form a rectangular structure with the most beautiful, flat pieces of rock with mantras and – only in Zanskar so far – buddhas and bodhisattvas. This results in spectacular open air galleries with pieces too heavy to be stolen.

Mani stones 2

Mani stones 3

Mani stones 4

Mani stones 5

Mani stones 6

Mani stones 7

Mani stones 8

Mani stones 9

Mani stones 10

Mani stones 11

Mani stones 12

Mani stones 13