We had a chance to visit Wat Rong Khun – called commonly “The White Temple” while our stay in Chiang Rai on the North of Thailand. In 1996 the artist Chalermchai Kositpipat has started his work on the ornate white Buddhist/Hindu place of worship. Until today this unconventional artpiece is undergoing continues expansion. It is an impressive creation, sometimes scary, sometimes grotesque but amazing for sure. Let us show you some pictures from there!

Chiang Rai-2

Chiang Rai-21

Chiang Rai-12

Chiang Rai-10

Chiang Rai-11

Chiang Rai-20

Chiang Rai-7

Chiang Rai-8

Chiang Rai-9

Chiang Rai-4

Chiang Rai-19

Chiang Rai-6

Chiang Rai-5

Chiang Rai-13

Chiang Rai-22

Chiang Rai-23

Chiang Rai-3

Chiang Rai-16

Chiang Rai-18

Chiang Rai-14

Chiang Rai-15

Chiang Rai-17