We already spent some time in South East Asia but entering Thailand was different. Mat has been travelling in Thailand a couple of years ago, so it was the first country on our way that was not completely new for us. Being in the other South East Asian countries, and especially in Laos and Cambodia […]Continue Reading


The Angkor Archaeological Park, which includes several hundred square kilometres of various architectural structures surrounded by a forested territory, represents the remains of the Khmer Empire, dating back to the 9th until the 15th century. Once being the largest pre-industrial city in the world – with a population of around one million inhabitants (sic!) –  […]Continue Reading


Another temple – Banteay Srei – around 30 km away from the more frequent visited area of Angkor.  We did not know about it before and discovered it just by coincidence, when we were cycling towards Siem Reap. After more than 100 km cycled that day (and still 30 more to cycle), this nice surprise […]Continue Reading


Preah Vihear is a Hindu temple of the Shiva goddess that was built during the reign of Khmer Empire, approximately one hundred years before the more famous Angkor. It is situated on top of a 500m tall cliff (very hard to access it), on the border with Thailand. It is known for the conflict between […]Continue Reading


Travelling on the quiet roads of Cambodia was nice. Not only the relaxed traffic, but also the way of driving, made cycling through the country very enjoyable. The roads were of surprisingly good quality, and even though there was a lot of paved, 2 lanes almost-highways, we decided to take small, local ochre-red ones. The […]Continue Reading