We have been waiting for this day for a very long time. Getting to China was a kind of our goal, since this sounds really big: “I cycled to China”, and it is the last country on the former Silk Road that we roughly followed (but not our last country). Crossing the border between Kazakhstan […]Continue Reading


We managed! We did what seemed to be out of reach – we got a Chinese, double entry visa! We did some research on this issue before and talked to a lot of people who wanted to get to China as well and planned to apply for it in one of the Central Asian countries. […]Continue Reading


We haven’t been posting for a while. Last month was very busy for us – to get a visa to China we had to use all our power. From Kyrgyzstan, full of great landscapes and natural beauty, but rather a rough place, we went to Kazakhstan – a much more developed and richer Central Asian […]Continue Reading


We entered Kyrgyzstan through the border which is usually closed to the foreigners, but due to the shooting in the Pamir region it was temporally open and we had the rare opportunity to cycle along snowy- 7000m peaks. We cycled the country from the South to the North enjoying semi nomad people living in yurts […]Continue Reading


One of the biggest dreams of every cyclist who wandered into Central Asia is to cross the Pamir Highway – one of the highest mountain roads on the continent. Unfortunately due to the shooting in this area that took place in July 2012 the access to this region was restricted and our dream was not […]Continue Reading

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