Turkey welcomed us in a very kind manner. From the first pedal strokes we felt like being back on the track. We did not feel that we start something new – we felt more like continuing our previous outdoor adventures. Great to be free again! We needed first couple of days to adjust our bikes […]Continue Reading


After endless weeks and months of preparation for the big journey we have been planning for so long and telling all our friends about, we have finally put ourselves together and bought the tickets to fly to Turkey. We had been changing the plans so many times, trimming our gear list and postponing the departure […]Continue Reading


After a very long time of almost only theoretical preparation for our big trip to Asia it was finally the time to start testing the gear, clothes and all we had collected so far … What we really wanted and what we really needed was to escape from the cold and grey winter, get some […]Continue Reading


Dear All! The time to start this web page has come. Gettingnowhere.net was created to help our friends, relatives and all curious strangers to follow our life. However the main purpose of this blog’s existence is to narrate our epic bicycle journey from Europe to Asia that is just about to begin. This space will […]Continue Reading

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