Preah Vihear is a Hindu temple of the Shiva goddess that was built during the reign of Khmer Empire, approximately one hundred years before the more famous Angkor. It is situated on top of a 500m tall cliff (very hard to access it), on the border with Thailand. It is known for the conflict between […]Continue Reading


Travelling on the quiet roads of Cambodia was nice. Not only the relaxed traffic, but also the way of driving, made cycling through the country very enjoyable. The roads were of surprisingly good quality, and even though there was a lot of paved, 2 lanes almost-highways, we decided to take small, local ochre-red ones. The […]Continue Reading


After the stressful traffic and the often very loud and hyperactive people in Vietnam, we crossed the border with Cambodia and entered a calm world. The atmosphere and the Khmer people reminded us a lot of Laos. Being just happy to leave chaotic Vietnam behind, we started cycling the Eastern part of Cambodia observing people, […]Continue Reading


The variety of landscapes in Vietnam is enormous, while cycling through this quite narrow but long country, we had the feeling of crossing three completely different countries. From rice fields surrounded by mountains, to white sandy beaches and deep jungles, everything possible to see during a one month stay in Vietnam.Continue Reading


To visit some local markets was as usual worth much more than any attraction suggested in a guide book… Very popular, not only on the markets but also inside the cities in local bars and restaurants, are these small rice pancakes, which are served or plain with some chilli sauce or filled with vegetables or […]Continue Reading

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