During our stay in Kaza (Spiti valley) we went for a short trip and visited a small village called Kibber. It used to be the highest village with a paved  road (questionable) and electricity some years ago (now there are other villages somewhere in Tibet with those luxuries). Anyway – we found Kibber to be […]Continue Reading


Where Kinnaur ends, Spiti starts. The valley is famous of its dryness – even during the Monsoon the rain falls really rarely there. The area is inhabited by Tibetan Buddhists, and it is famous of many ancient monasteries. As we travelled up the valley, we felt like not being in India any more. Tibetan influence […]Continue Reading


We came to India to cycle the high mountains, and we knew from the beginning that Ladakh on the North of the country would be our destination. To get there, one must take the famous Manali – Leh Higway, a road that is well known for its High passes (way over 5000m), spectacular views and […]Continue Reading


After a week in Delhi we were ready to hop on the train and to finally go further North. We decided that the famous summer city of Shimla would be a perfect spot to start our big adventure towards the land of the Himalayas. We booked our train tickets and were ready to leave.  To […]Continue Reading


We have been cycling around Asia already for more than one year and it has been definitely great. Spending more than four months in the hottest possible period in the tropics, however, made us extremely tired of the heat and deprived of real travelling full of adventures. We came into a conclusion, that the best time […]Continue Reading

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