Here you are – our first post from Iran! We must confess – everything is fine with our website and we have no problems with posting. The truth is that we became extremely (but pleasantly) lazy. Every single post requires at least 3 hours of choosing, editing, uploading and describing the photos we take. And […]Continue Reading


We are going to Iran today. Last days we spent in the East of Turkey, Kurdish land. This part of the country is said to be rather rough. Despite being warned by people from other parts of Turkey, we had only good experiences. We have met many good people (simple yet real) and had a […]Continue Reading


Cycling is hard. No matter how strong you are and how good your bike is sooner or later your body will tell you, that it is time to rest. After over 3 weeks of pedalling we both felt, that it would be nice to just get lazy. Sleep long, find a washing machine, eat well […]Continue Reading


One morning after cycling a few kilometres the surrounding landscape changed, the air got much colder and it didn’t smell like spring any more. Far away at the horizon we could see this amazing peak covered with snow. It was a great feeling to cycle in a new conditions – what a refreshment! Turkish interior […]Continue Reading


Only the photos – we are too tired to write today after a 90 km ride… We have met our first fellow cycling travellers – Arian and Moniek from Holland. They have started cycling a bit earlier than us and have already managed to cover over 5000 km. Good to know that there are other […]Continue Reading

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