Java. The most densely populated island of Indonesia. The key to fully enjoy it is very simple: choose smaller roads. Cycling through the tinniest possible roads and paths guaranteed constant surprises. Hidden art pieces on the walls, lush green rice paddy fields, traditional lifestyle… Java is famous for its rice plantations: the crop is grown on […]Continue Reading


If you did not have enough of ancient rock carvings after reading our post about Borobodur temple, here are the ones from Prambanan. This Hindu Temple is located on the North of Yogyakarta, and we passed by it while cycling towards Mount Lawu. The temple was partly destroyed after an earthquake, but it is being restored now and […]Continue Reading


During our short stay in Yogyakarta we went to visit a famous Buddhist temple of Borobudur. In fact, it was the first time for us to explore Indonesia a bit on our own, without the company of local friends. From time to time we like to visit beautiful, historical places. We have learnt how not […]Continue Reading


We try to avoid flying as much as we can. To put it straight – we hate flying. Ferries are much more convenient to cross long distances, you usually do not need to pack your bicycle in a box or bag and the people working on big ships are in most cases more relaxed than airport […]Continue Reading


Working in Singapore for a couple of months seemed like ages for us. As soon as we knew we would have enough savings to continue our trip, we quit our jobs and made new plans for the upcoming adventures. We enjoyed some last evenings with great hawker center cuisine and some cold beers and finally […]Continue Reading

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